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  • Public Opening Hours – Mon - Fri from 9.30am to 1pm.
  • Telephone Inquires - Mon - Fri from 2.30pm to 5.00pm.
  • No prior appointments - First come first served basis.
  • All original documents must be submitted along with photocopies.
  • Fees - ONLY CASH at the Consular Counters.
  • Click here to view the High Commission Holidays


This section contains information about Businesses/investors, who travel to Sri Lanka for a short period for the following categories,

Purpose: Participate in business meetings and negotiations, Participate in art, music and dance.

Validity Period of Foreign Passports for Sri Lankan Visas
To apply for any category of visas, passport should be valid more than six months ( 180 days) from  the date of arrival in Sri Lanka


Applying for Business visa through Sri Lanka High Commission in London

  • All Business Travelers who wish to travel to Sri Lanka upto 90 days should obtain business visa through Sri Lanka High Commission in London.
  • Under certain circumstances interviews will be conducted by the high commission and the interviewees might be asked to provide extra documents if necessary
  • Under any circumstances there is no refund


i.   Duly completed Business Visa application form
ii.  Two recent photographs – passport size – (Colour or Black and White)
iii. Valid passport with one unused visa page (passport should be valid for six months from the date of departure from Sri Lanka - after the intended visit)
Following Documents should be submitted:

  • A invitation letter from the company/organisation in Sri Lanka recommending the issuance of visa to the applicant
  • A request letter from the company or organization in the UK recommending the issuance of visa and giving details of the status of the applicant, nature of business, duration of stay, availability of funds, and details of the party in Sri Lanka with whom the business is to be conducted.

v. Relevant Visa fee (view Visa fees).

Note: under no circumstance could you change the status of visa after arrival in Sri Lanka. For example, a person who visits Sri Lanka on holiday cannot engage in any business/ profession, social work, charity or any other form of voluntary work or employment paid or unpaid without obtaining prior visas for such purposes. If such changes are required after arrival in Sri Lanka, the person will be required to leave the country and obtain the appropriate visa from the nearest Sri Lankan Mission, with the approval of the Controller General of Immigration & Emigration.





0-30 days

Multiple Entry


30-90 days

Single Entry


30-90 days

Double Entry


30-90 days

Multiple Entry













Method of payment:

  • Those applying in person at the High Commission could pay the visa fees only in cash for which an official receipt would be issued.
  • If documents are sent by post visa fees should be sent only by postal order or bank draft in favor of Sri Lanka High Commission. (Personal cheques will not be accepted)
  • If the passport and documents are to be returned by post, a self addressed prepaid/stamped special delivery envelope to the weight of 500g along with the application form should be provided. The special delivery cover should not be stamped with a postage printout issued by the post office for same day use. Applications sent without prepaid special delivery cover/ or postage will be retained until the applicant collects personally.

Note: the High Commission will not take any responsibility for documents lost in the post.

Please submit your visa application in advance to avoid unnecessary delays.



  • Visa application can be submitted Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1pm.
  • Issuing after 10 working days between 9.30am to 1pm


Multiple Business Visa

Business organisation or the NGO in Sri Lanka should submit the application for work / resident visa on behalf of the applicant directly to the Controller General, Immigration and Emigration (CG, I & E). The CG, I & E will then authorise this High Commission to issue entry visa to the applicant.

Department of Immigration and Emigration
Suhurupaya, Sri Subuthipura Road, Baththaramulla

Phone : +94 11 5329307

0094 71 9967888 Hunting Line
Fax : +94-11-2674631

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