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Humanitarian Operation Factual Analysis July 2006 - May 2009




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The Cultural and Education Division is responsible for promotion of cultural diplomacy. The celebration of Sri Lankan national and religious festivals with the participation of members of Sri Lankan community is another responsibility.

National Day of 4th February, Vesak, Thaipongal and Ramazan are some such festivals. The Division also makes arrangements for collaboration with UK and Sri Lankan universities and schools and for promotion of links with Sri Lanka higher educational institutes and research centres.


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Frequently asked questions………..

1) The College we are studying has been closed down/suspended. What should we do ?

Please visit following web link.

2) We want to find out whether our college has been accredited or not. How can we find out ?

In the UK the following two agencies provide accreditation to private international colleges. British Accreditation Council (BAC)
Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC)
You will find the list of accredited colleges in these websites.

3) We want to make a complaint against our college. How can we do that?

First find out which organization has given accreditation to your college. Then visit the website of that organization and follow the compliant procedure.

4) We want to get advice regarding certain rules and procedures followed by our college. Is there any agency we can reach for advice.

Please visit following websites for information.

5. Can we make a compliant to BAC or ASIC directly or do we have to make a complaint to college at the first instance ?.

First you should make your complaint in writing to the college and try to resolve it through the college’s own complaint procedure. If you do not receive a reply or if you are not happy with the reply you received then you can make a complaint to the accreditation agency with the documentary evidence to prove that you have already raised the issue with the institution.

6) My college has been closed down. I want to apply for a new college. What are the documents needed to get a new CAS reference.

1. Attendance record indicating the percentage of classes you attended

2. A witness statement from one of your tutors or college staff confirming your attendance

3. Your examination results

7) If I want to change my college do I have to change my visa?

All issues related to your student visa and working hours are governed by the UKBA Tier 4 Student visa regulations. Please visit UKBA website . You should have a thorough understanding of these regulations.

8). My College has been closed down. I have found a new college and obtained a new CAS reference. I am going to apply for a new visa. How about visas for my husband/children. Do they also have to apply for new visas?

No. Only the principal applicant (student) will have to apply for new visa. However, the dependents will have to apply for new visa later if they want to continue to stay with the student.

9). What is the amount of funds that I should show to the UKBA when applying for new visa?

If you have an ‘’ established presence’’ in the UK its only for 02 months. Please read UKBA Tier 4 visa regulations carefully. You will find them in the UKBA website.

10). Someone told me that I have to apply for a new visa within 60 days. When do these 60 days start ?

60 days start from the day UKBA writes to you. UKBA will send you a letter informing you the necessity of applying for a new student visa. 60 days start from the date of the UKBA letter. However, it is advisable not to wait till you get that notification.





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